Selkirk Vanguard Power Mach6


Made for the intermediate to pro player, the Power Mach6 is engineered for persistent power, the VANGUARD core is comprised of state of the art polypropylene honeycomb technology. Performing optimally in conjunction with the proprietary QuadCarbon Face, the vibration from each hit resonates in the propylene core and delivers unmatched speed. The streamlined, aerodynamic core of the VANGUARD Power absorbs less energy, delivering maximum speed across the face of the paddle with superior sound and feel.

Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle. The Power Mach6 is made with the highest grade carbon fiber, which is stiffer and lighter. Because only the best is good enough, VANGUARD Power features premium Toray carbon fiber face, the market leader in carbon fiber technology, used by aerospace companies. QuadCarbon+ technology provides unrivaled speed, a larger sweet spot, and longer resonance time for ultimate consistency, supreme spin, and flawless feel.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Average Weight: 7.7oz – 8.2oz

Height: 16.5″

Width: 7.375″

Grip Length: 5.875″

Grip Circumference: 4.25″

Sweetspot size: 8

Price: $200

Surface Area: Elongated Paddle

Handle Length: Longest handle (5.875″)

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