ProLIte SofTac Cushion Grip

ProLIte SofTac Cushion Grip


SofTac 32 Cushion Grip is designed to prevent overgripping and decrease the possibility of tennis elbow with its soft texture and comfortable cushioned feel. It’s composed of an exclusive tackified material allowing a firm hold without any slippage. The 3 to 2 dimple ratio on the grip adds extra texture and comfort for various grip pressures. Lightweight and highly absorbent, the SofTac 32 Cushion Grip will stay dry and tacky fo

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-Soft, cushioned feel decreasing overgripping and possibility of tennis elbow
-Comfortable padded feel
-3 to 2 ratio of dimples
-Tackified surface allows a firm grip without any slippage
-Lightweight and easy to put on any paddle type
-Highly absorbent staying dry for longer periods of time


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